Why is choosing Adobe Flex?

Are you still struggling to find out which RIA solution is best for you? With so many frameworks to choose – AJAX, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Microsoft SilverLight, OpenLaszlo, Curl, JavaFX, do you feel lost somehow?

You have seen all kinds of comparisons or reviews online, such as:

AJAX vs. Flex vs. SilverLight
10 reasons to love AJAX (or Flex, or SilverLight, or …)
10 reasons to hate AJAX (or Flex, or SilverLight, or …)
At the end of the day, you may wonder: “Now What?”

The good news is, life can be much simpler! You are not here to select the best movie for OSCAR. Your job is to simply find the most suitable RIA framework for YOU!

As an example, I’d like to share with you why Flex is good for me. My top 5 reasons are:

1. Easy to Learn and Use

Before Flex, I was a Java developer. Before Java, I was a C++ and COBOL guy on IBM Mainframe. So I know exactly how painful it is to learn a new programming language. Just like switching from a manual transmission to an automatic one, it takes time for you to get used to that.

Surprisingly, the first time I saw Flex code, I thought it was Java. Considering the similar syntax, structure, and style, it is like the same coffee with different cream. With no time, I built my first fully functional application in Flex and Wow my colleagues.

Another beauty of Flex is its development tool – Flex Builder 3. It is built on the same platform – Eclipse as my J2EE IDE. So I don’t have to learn a new set of settings, shortcuts, or tricks. Plus Flex Builder 3 provides many useful features, such as design editor, build tools, integrated debugger. It makes your job so much easier! You can get your copy of Flex Builder 3 here.

2. Mature Language and Framework

Unlike JavaScript Based AJAX, Adobe Flex is built on a strongly typed Objected-Oriented programming language. I believe the Flex development team extends a lot of goodies from Java, making it suitable for developing enterprise level applications.

In addition,there are some mature frameworks to support Flex at the architecture level. Like Struts and Spring for Java, command-driven Cairngorm and event-driven Mate are two frameworks to implement the MVC (Model-View-Control) design pattern for Flex. And they both are open sourced projects.

3. Cross Browser Support
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Nurdin M. Top, the most sought person in 2009 at Yahoo

foto-terbaru-noordin-m-topWho knows that the bombing suspect of Indonesia, one of most sought in Indonesia can be a king in Yahoo search engine as long as 2009. He is Nurdin M. Top, a person whom accused as a Terrorist blasted many place in Indonesia. Many bomb case are big deal to society.

Noordin M Top keyword most widely used. He was able to beat flu Babi, West Sumatra Earthquake, Apocalypse 2012, Earthquake, the Commission even Ponari(a magic boy) keywords. Based on research that has been done by Yahoo Indonesia (Yahoo set forth in the 2009 Year in Review), also revealed that the Yahoo search engine users in Indonesia are most interested in topics such as celebrity news, sports, politicians and local events that shook the country.

Here are the data of 10 most popular keywords searches on Yahoo! Indonesia:
1. Noordin M Top
2. Flu Babi
3. Gempa Sumatera Barat
4. Kiamat 2012
5. Gempa Bumi
6. Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU)
7. Ketika Cinta Bertasbih
8. Gerhana Matahari
9. Ponari
10. Ambalat

Football also be a favourite sport of Indonesian bases on Yahoo note. Manchester United became the user’s favorite team search engine Yahoo. In addition Manchester Unied, the team’s most popular football team in Indonesia are FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Manchester City.

This global portal manager also noted that Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest penetration of mobile phone usage in South East Asia and Yahoo! Search to find data through the Yahoo! mobile users which have a total of two times more than users who search for data through the PC.

XBMC 9.11 Alpha has been released

logoOne of eyecatching computer media player for video, music, picture, and so on is XBMC. Free and open source media player that really observe in its improvement ti satisfy users. XBMC is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub for digital media. XBMC is available for Linux, OSX, Windows, and the original Xbox. Created in 2003 by a group of like minded programmers, XBMC is a non-profit project run and developed by volunteers located around the world. More than 50 software developers have contributed to XBMC, and 100-plus translators have worked to expand its reach, making it available in more than 30 languages.

The so-called Camelot build is now available for download on Windows, OS X and Linux, with the most notable changes including a revamped user interface. In this newest version, some of improvement has been done such as :
* DirectX has replaced OpenGL for Windows
* Numerous skinning engine updates which allow for use of some fancy new skins
* Many improvements to the video player which allow for much smoother playback
* Switch to Core Audio on OSX
* Many VDPAU improvements under linux
* Many platform-specific customizations
Currently XBMC can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats around. It was designed for network playback, so you can stream your multimedia from anywhere in the house or directly from the internet using practically any protocol available. Use your media as-is: XBMC can play CDs and DVDs directly from the disk or image file, almost all popular archive formats from your hard drive, and even files inside ZIP and RAR archives. It will even scan all of your media and automatically create a personalized library complete with box covers, descriptions, and fanart. There are playlist and slideshow functions, a weather forecast feature and many audio visualizations. Once installed, your computer will become a fully functional multimedia jukebox.

Secured Registered Team in IVED 2010

This is announcement from IVED 2010 committee..

Hi all!

We’d like to announce the end of ITB IVED 2010’s main registration phase. In this announcement we’d like to report the teams who have secured their registration, based on the latest check of our registration officer:

3. Atmajaya Jakarta A
4. Atmajaya Jakarta B
5. Universitas Hasanuddin A (+2 Adj, +1 Observer)
6. Universitas Hasanuddin B
11. Universitas Brawijaya A
13. ITB A
14. ITB B
15. ITB C

We welcome these teams to IVED ITB 2010 and we will definitely be seeing you in Bandung! Several of these teams are registered under the down-payment scheme and we kindly ask you to pay the remainder of your rego fee in the second registration phase.

As of now, the registration enters the SECOND PHASE. The Second Phase, as promised, will be roughly two weeks starting from December 03; which means it will be from December 03-18, 2009. Here’s what will happen during the second phase.

All teams who wishes to register MUST finish their payment (i.e. IDR500000 per person) before the end of the second phase. This means all transfers should have reached Darwin’s BNI account (BNI, account number 0170257360 a.n. Darwin Sutjiawan.) before Friday, December 18, 2009, 3PM (the bank’s closing hour). The sooner, the better. This is EXTREMELY crucial for the sake of the smoothgoing of the org.comm’s job. Should payments haven’t been completed prior to this deadline, the committee will have massive difficulty finalizing deals with, say, accommodation; with things such as trimming unnecessary rents e.g. extra buses or even excess servings of f&b. Believe us, these sectors can be very very messy.

Having to do all this in the holiday outset of Christmas and New Year’s means a fiasco. Thus, as a result of this year-end complexity, should you miss the payment deadline but still wish to attend IVED, we are afraid we would have to charge you more – your late-term rego fee will have to soar as high as IDR550000. We fear that we have no option but to exert a strict payment policy in order to expediate the process of having a fixed list of registered teams. This is rather punitive, and seeing the animo of teams registering, we predict that we (hopefully) may not have to enact this policy. We kindly ask all registering institutions to pay BEFORE the maximum deadline so everything can work best for all of us.

We have a long list of teams (described below) from various universities who have expressed their intention to participate at the next IVED. As we have declared earlier, your spot will only have been secured once you’ve fulfilled the rego fee payment (i.e. IDR 500000 per person or IDR 300000 if you are using the down-payment scheme). So please, teams, pay ASAP to attain secured spots. In this phase we also welcome the C-teams to register. From this point on, all institutions can send the maximum of 3 teams, the C-team doesn’t have to wait anymore.

Here is our queue list (based on priority):
Teknokrat Lampung A
Universitas Negeri Jember
Atma Jogja A (+1 adj)
Bakrie University A
Atma Jakarta C
Teknokrat Lampung B
Teknokrat Lampung C
Atma Jogja B
Universitas Brawijaya B
Universitas Hasanuddin C
Bakrie B
UPH (?)
UPI (?)
I’d like to remind you again that the cap for this year’s IVED is only 64 teams. So please, make your payment as fast as possible. We grant the quickest payer immediate entry. Even though you’re, say, number 45 on that list, if you make your transfer faster than the others you will have your participation spot secured immediately.

Again, we kindly extend our invitation to anyone across the nation. Please fulfill the criteria and timeline cited above. Should you have further questions to ask and/or clarifications to make, please contact our rego officer Darwin Sutjiawan at nasa(underscore) darwin(at) yahoo(dot) com or +62817719223.

We will keep updating the most recent registerers. Thank you for your kind attention.

on behalf of the org.comm of IVED 2010,

Weaver and CA

Darwin Sutjiawan
Registration Officer

ITB IVED 2010: Prepared Motions

Here is the prepared motions of IVED 2010. It is amazing ! Many of data should be collected to empower each team argument. Keep on spirit !!!

Heading #1

The land of America is found, fought for, and build into greatness by refugees fleeing the tyrannical kingdom and oppressive European regimes around after the 15th century; as well as those escaping the massive expanse of war-atrocities of the World War II. The concept of freedom is thus, as symbolized by the Statue of Liberty herself, is extremely crucial in the constitutional definition of the American welfare. But reality always mar the idyll dreams of freedom: limitations of freedom always enter the fray, in the name of security, or equality, or practical prudence; among other

1. THBT the US should favor the Senate’s version of universal health care.

2. THW repeal the American amendment permitting train passengers to travel with handguns and/or other firearms as part of their checked luggage.

3. THW punish the enacter of Manhattan Declaration as perpetrators of hate crime under the Matthew Shepard Act.

Heading #2:

A nation stand side-by-side with their neighbors. Along those imaginary fence we call borders, many bullets are being tossed, many entries are being stolen, many deals are sealed under the breath of headline-winning smiles of perfectly-coiffed leaders. These three motions inquire the analysis of the particular relationships across the borders: which is for the better, which is for worse; and, most importantly, which is which for which side of the fence?

1. THS the ICC
prosecution of war crimes in the Gaza Strip based on the Goldstone Commission Report.

2. THBT Cambodia should deport Thaksin back to Thailand.

3. TH regrets the Lisbon Treaty.

Heading #3:

The Victorian-flavored ‘normality’ of appropriateness (many times, religious appropriateness), permeating so greatly within the larger part of most modern society nowadays, is what Foucault describes as the repressive hypothesis. Some groups clamor of how the enactment of appropriateness through many forms of its constraining social toll makes many youths lose some social qualities. But when deconstruction is commenced, the question is always about which form is best for the new order. In this case, how less Victorian should we treat the youth in order to gain the most merit?

1. THBT more of New York’s Harvey Milk School should be established.

2. THW insert various alternatives of sexual conducts such as anal sex, mutual gratification, and masturbation, into the curriculum of sex-education.

3. THBT the calculus of Heaven and Hell should never be used to teach children about morality.


We would kindly remind all participating teams and institutions to conduct a profound research about the issues incorporated in each motion. This is especially important in Australasians style (which is
used in IVED); a style that demands mastery of details and down-to-earth portrayal of your arguments. Knowledge of data, statistics, real-life illustrations, all gained through your respective research, will be extremely helpful to build a solid case expected in IVED.

We would also like to remind that in Australasians style, no half-negations are allowed. Apart from that, philosophical points will also be viewed very importantly.

Just as a disclaimer, IVED will consist of 6 (six) preliminary rounds and 4 (four)
eliminary rounds. One heading will be released for each round, which equals to 10 headings. The remaining 7 headings will be impromptu motions and will not be informed in whatsoever way until 30 minutes before the round starts.

We wish all teams the best of luck!

Adjudication Core of ITB
IVED 2010
Uphie – Freida – Novel – Vitri

Teknopreneur Award is held again

teknopreneurIkatan Alumni ITB(Alumni Ties of ITB), Indonesia Teknopreneur, and Tekno Ventura, has started to open registration Teknopreneur Award 2009 contest, which is a tribute to the best business actor in technology in the homeland(Indonesia).

Teknopreneur Award 2009 will be held on 23 November -10 December 2009, will compete technology innovation that companies engaged in technology, ranging from information technology, communications, biotechnology, energy, or manufacturing nanotechnology.

This award is divided into two categories namely the Uprising Company and Corporate. “Until now many companies that have signed up online, and 58 companies have submitted data of their company,” says COO Teknopreneur Indonesia Adie Marzuki on November 18, 2009.

The committees are involving some of the country personage to do the judging of this event. They are Amin Sambodo (ITB Alumni Association & Teknopreneur Indonesia), Anindya Bakrie (KADIN Indonesia), Budi Gunadi Sadikin (Bank Mandiri), Cahyana Ahmadjayadi (HR Research and Kominfo), Dwi Larso (SBM ITB), Ilham Habibie (The Habibie Center) , and Retno Santi Ruwyastuti (Metro).

According to Adie, the jury could not simply keep score based on technological innovation alone, but also from a business model that can be developed, whether judged capable of continuing or not.

From the participants who signed up, said Adie, 80 percent of them came from information technology companies. Through this event, it is expected that companies have the best technological innovation reconcilable with a company engaged in the field of venture capital financing.

The reason, says Adie, innovations actual companies and SMEs in Indonesia was no less qualified when pitted with foreign companies. “Unfortunately, their appreciation of the domestic is still lacking,” said Adie.

Later, Adie said, Tekno Ventura and several other companies, will see the innovation potential for capital funding support. And capital will not be limited to the firms Teknopreneur Award winners only, Adhie explained.

First Award Teknopreneur held last year, with the number of participants reached 80 companies. As the first award was won by Zahir accounting software company.

Registration Teknopreneur Award in 2009 still open until 22 November 2009. Further information can be obtained at http://award.teknopreneur.com.

source: vivanews.com